October 6, 2019: Seek Ye First...

October 27, 2019



“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33* (NIV)



As we live our lives on earth we seem to always be seeking something; a romance or a career. We seek friendships and positions in society. Though we are striving and seeking on our journey we sometimes forget that the experiences on the journey are the best part.


A reporter asked a French archeologist and explorer what he thought when he looked back on his career.  He pondered a moment and remembered a great treasure hunter who had said that the joy was in the seeking. So, he told the journalist that he didn't understand that when he was young, but now, looking back he did. In fact, he agreed as the journey was the best part of all of his adventures. With all his success and some failures, he could honestly say that the joy did come in the seeking.


The reporter asked him to explain further.  He went on to explain that while he had sought knowledge and many treasures in his career, he sought a greater treasure in his life. He sought God.


He encouraged the reporter by telling her of the lifetime of great joy there is in seeking the Lord your God. The rewards are great as you seek but the treasure you gain in the end is unspeakable!


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