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Smoky Hill Baptist Church UPDATES - July 2020

Hello Church Family!

We are holding service on Sunday at our normal 10:30 a.m. time.

The church will continue to follow the procedures outlined below. In the unlikely event that we are required to increase restrictions, these procedures will be amended to reflect that, but we hope that is not the case.

For your reference, these are the steps that the church is continuing to take to ensure your safety. As always, due to the ever-changing governmental mandates, these procedures are subject to change without notice:

· We continue to check temperatures at the door, but we do not record them

o If your temperature is above 100 but below 100.3, we will ask you to rest for a little before retaking your temperature

o If your temperature is at or above 100.3, we will ask that you view the sermon from home

· If you are currently sick, have been sick in the last three weeks or have been around anyone who is sick, please do not come to church

· If you are compromised and/or do not feel comfortable in public, please stay at home and be safe. You may view the sermon at the link below

· If attending service, you must wear a mask at all times.

· We will be utilizing ushers to help seat groups six feet apart and to dismiss in an orderly manner

· Food service items, like donuts, are still suspended as is coffee service at this time

· The sanctuary is kept empty throughout the week and thoroughly cleaned on Saturday so that surfaces are clean for Sunday

· We will open the exterior doors (weather permitting) and keep the fans on the HVAC system running while we are having service to help keep air moving

· Offerings will be dropped in the collection box in the Narthex (please have checks completed beforehand so that we can minimize the risk of people congregating at the donation box)

· During prayer time, Tom will read prayer requests received over the last week and new prayer requests can be completed and dropped in the collection box in the Narthex. Tom will update the prayer chain and congregation on any prayer request received on Sunday

· Attendees may sit with their family or “group”, but these groups must remain at least six feet from other attendees or groups

· The aisles have been widened to allow for proper distancing

· Attendees are asked to stay at least six feet from each other at all times

· Attendees are asked to resist the urge to socialize before and after service

· One person at a time per restroom

· Sunday School is postponed until further notice.

June 2020 Sermons

  • June 7th, 2020 - https://vimeo.com/421250735/61bcf7baac

  • June 14th, 2020 - https://vimeo.com/421252325/feef6949e5

  • June 21st, 2020 - https://vimeo.com/421253914/07d01536bc

  • June 28th, 2020 - https://vimeo.com/421253161/233706da35

July 2020 Sermons

  • July 5th, 2020 - https://vimeo.com/421253161/233706da35

  • July 12th, 2020 - https://vimeo.com/433418942/570dd5818f

  • July 19th, 2020 - https://vimeo.com/433419075/aaea95b1eb

  • July 26th, 2020 - https://vimeo.com/433419208/c868d750d7


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