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God Loves You And Wants To Save You

You are God's creation, created in His image, that is to say, you are a spiritual being like Him. God gave mankind a choice whether to obey Him or not and man chose to disobey, which is sin. The wages of sin is death, which means separation from God. All humans, which have inherited this sin nature from Adam, are born in sin and conceived in iniquity and separated from God with a dead spirit. The only way we can truly commune with God and get life in our dead spirit is to be born again, which means we repent of the way we're thinking and living, trust what Jesus did on the cross to pay for our sin, and ask Jesus to come and live inside of us and give us power to live for Him. Step #1, being created and loved by God is already accomplished. Now God gives us a choice regarding what we'll do with step #2, which is to receive Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. What have you done with Step #2?

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