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Do you show mercy to people? Why or why not?

In Luke 10 we see the parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus told the expert in the law, that if he would be merciful like the Good Samaritan was, he would inherit eternal life. The only way you and I will even consider being merciful to others is because we ourselves have received and experienced the mercy of God toward us. When this happens, we realize that we are sinners separated from God by our sin, that He has reached out in His mercy to save us by sending His Son, Jesus, to go to the cross to pay for our sin. When we repent and receive Christ, asking Him to save us and come and live inside of us, He indwells us by the Holy Spirit and works in us a desire to show mercy to others. So what Jesus is really saying is, "You need Me in your life to inherit eternal life. I'm the only One who can give it to you. And when I do, I will live inside of you and begin to change your life."


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