• Pastor Wayne Dudley

1.20.2019 - A Man without a Goal...

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Hebrews 2:1 "We ought to give the most earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip."


Have you ever written down some God-given goals to keep you from being a drifter? Without goals, you're a ship without a rudder, a compass, a sail and an anchor. What kind of ship is that?

One that is doomed to failure. Most people don't plan to fail. They simply don't plan. How can you tell whether or not your goal is a God-given goal?

  • First, have you prayed over it and asked for God's blessing?

  • Second, does it create in you enough spiritual enthusiasm and excitement to see it fulfilled?

  • Third, does it demand the very best in you?

  • Fourth, does it touch every area of your life?

There is no area of your life that is out-of-bounds from God.

Take some time in 2019 and write down some goals and even a mission statement focused on the following areas of your life: Spiritual, Physical, Relational, Intellectual, and Financial.

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